Who Moved My Cheese: The 10th Anniversary Edition

Click the image to visit the University at Buffalo Libraries catalog and learn more about the book, including library location information. #ublibraries #books #movies #friends #love #cloning

32 Popular Book Club Novels | The Meta Picture: Summer reading ideas. Read more about this books here: https://blog.hpb.com/2013/04/11/2013411top-32-popular-fiction-books-for-book-clubs-html/. #book #bookclub #recommendations #reading #list

Vampire Chronicles book 1

If you've never read this, go to your local library and open a new world...an innocent world in some ways but yet a close minded world of prejudice and hate, and with characters who stood by their convictions.Were people really so full of integrity?Has the world changed so much that it's become hard to even comprehend ppl being so decent and standing up for what they believed in? A must read.

100 Must-Read African-American Books - How many have you read?

100 Must-Read African-American Books - How many have you read?

My first venture into Paulo Coelho's world...great read! Just one of his many great works I'll read in my life I'm sure.

A must read!

Want to read this!!

32 books that will change your life

If I Stay , Gayle Forman | 17 Books To Read If You Liked "The Fault In Our Stars"

11 books to read when you're stressed

One of her best books to date; a must read for parents and high school students. #Book #Books Worth Reading #Books to Read

Ok, so this isn't "a book," but it's a great list of the best poetry! 36 Life Changing Poems Everyone Should Read

14 college books to read again as an adult


The 2014 Summer Reading Guide. From chick lit to non-fiction to books to read aloud with your kids, there's something for everyone here!

Delicious!: A Novel by Ruth Reichl #Books #Food