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Hahah come on now! Every time I watch this movie and this part comes on I just yell "Really! Why?!"

Story of my I do the same to him sometimes

follow us! we have hundreds of hilarious pics! :) media-cdn6.pinter... frobb funny

Jenny Worland - see it's okay to punch people in the face. Even if it has nothing to do with someone breaking your heart.

"OMG I'm Marcie and I have a pimple popping addiction. It can be on me or u, either way that bitch is getting popped." XD

If I ever call you an uncultured swine...this is why :-)

If I were a teacher, I would just shake the kids hand and say... you win this round.

Just showed my husband and he said "really?!?!" :)... hahaha! this is so true! what quick thought processors we are!!!