Enjoy hours of inviting fragrance with the Essenza® Wax Warmer Set. Made of ceramic, the lovely wax warmer is an elegant cream color with a scroll design.

Color Striped Wax Warmer

Vanilla Bathroom Soap & Wax Warmer Set by Essenza #zulily #zulilyfinds

Yankee Candle Gold & Pearl Electric Wax Tart Warmer. Save on the use of tealights by using this elegant electric warmer. The perfect way to enjoy the exceptional fragrancing of Yankee Candle tart wax melts throughout the year.

ScentSationals Edison Mariner Wax Warmer from walmart! So want this, I love Edison bulbs! And much more elegant than usual wax warmers.

Window Birds Ceramic Tart Warmer by JKL Gift Shop. $15.99. Ceramic fragranced wax warmer features plyresin window front which emits beautiful candle light.

Essenza Wax Warmer - safer and longer lasting than candles

ESSENZA's hand-crafted wax warmers make a statement at home and in the office. #myessenza

Trying to clean out your warmer without all the hassel of scratching off the wax!

Santa Tart Warmer: The Illumination Fragrance Warmer is designed to warm scented wax creating the glow and ambiance of a burning candle while releasing the fragrance. Each style brings a relaxing mood to the room and elegance to any home décor.

ScentGlow (you can melt wax cubes or use fragrance oil) {the whole house} My most FAVORITE ScentGlow Warmer! The pic does not do it justice! I love the fact that all PartyLite warmer are made with LED light bulbs that are guaranteed to never burn out and don't get HOT so they are safe for delicate hands and surfaces! cassiprice@gmail.com for more info on PartyLite!

Looking to stock up on electric warmer #waxcubes or bulbs? Check out our halogen bulbs and fragrant Essenza cubes in Wild Fern, Pomegranate Bergamot, Fresh Pear and Vanilla Sugar, now available for purchase on #Amazon! Better yet, now through February 29th, get 20% off of your order through Amazon using the #promocode "Essenza1" at check out. *Our wax cubes are made for our Essenza, Sedona and Morgan Childs #electricwarmers but also work well with other brands. *Offer only good on items purc...

Giraffe Cups Ceramic Design. For when you're too tired to reach down for your coffee. But they should come with a tiny wind-up cat that weaves between the legs and meows.

Lenneke Wispelwey is a dutch ceramicist whose pastel hued porcelain pieces are “inspired by her own memories and found pieces from every day life”.

These lively ceramics continue to to spice up dinnertime after nearly 80 years. Freshen up on the essentials to create a vibrant collection.

Time is all around us. It is omni present, pacing our digital lives – from the mobile phone to the car display or the washing machine.

Mie Kongo | Duct Vase


Ceramic wall hangings

Christmas Tree

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