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Watch Out for These Sneaky Sugar Sources: The average American eats about 22 teaspoons of sugar a day, but the American Heart Association recommends a limit of 5 teaspoons a day for women. Eek! But where is it coming from? Dessert isn't always the main culprit. Read on for more sneaky sources. #SELFmagazine

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Sneaky Sources of Sugar

Sneaky sources of sugar! via Women's Health (measurements are approximations and will vary by product)


Watch Out for These Sneaky Sugar Sources

Watch Out for These Sneaky Sugar Sources: Whole Wheat Bread. Yup, added sugar can hide even in products marked "whole wheat." Scan labels to suss out sugar sources like honey, molasses or high-fructose corn syrup. #SELFmagazine

Alcool : une nanocapsule pour ne pas avoir la "gueule de bois"

5 Sneaky Ways Alcohol Undermines Your Health And Looks


Look For These 46 Ways Added Sugar Can Appear on Your Food Label

Sneaky names for sugar

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Sneaky, Sneaky Sugars & How To Avoid Them

Don't let these sneaky sugars wreck your diet

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Daily motivation (25 photos)


The Salty Six: Six Foods That Load Your Diet With Salt via livewellmagazine and Excess sodium can affect both your heart and your general appearance. The average American consumes about 3,400 mgs of sodium/day, more than twice the 1,500 mgs recommended by the American Heart Association. Currently, more than 75% of our sodium consumption comes from processed and restaurant foods. Here are six of the top sources for sodium in today’s diet. #Infographic #Salty_Six #Diet #Salt

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Is Sugar Hiding In Your Food? Learn About Hidden Sugar in Your Food

Is Sugar Hiding In Your Food? Learn About Hidden Sources of Sugar |

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14 Ways To Eat Less Sugar In 2015

Some great guidelines for monitoring sugar you take in each day!! 14 Ways To Eat Less Sugar In 2015

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Fit Tip: What to Eat Before & After a Workout

Fit Tip: What to Eat Before

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The Protein Puzzle: How Much is Enough?

do you know how much protein you should be eating? click to find out #protein #diet #tips


How To Pick the Healthiest Yogurt, the YouTube Awards Are Totally a Thing and More!

How to Pick Healthy Yogurt: Look at Added vs. Natural sugar, probiotics, fat and the calcium content. #SelfMagazine