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Little Slaughterhouse On The Prairie: The ghoulish tale of the family of serial killers known as the 'Bloody Benders'

Murder Most Foul, The ghoulish tale of a family of serial killers known as the "Bloody Benders". Innkeepers who murdered their guests to steal their belongings. They would seat them with their backs to a draped doorway. A member of the family would bash in their brains with a hammer, then slit their victims throat after they fell to the floor. More then a dozen men, women, & children lost their lives, and were found in mass graves days after the Bender's escaped, never to be brought to…

Villisca Ax Murders House 8 people were bludgeoned to death with an ax while they slept. 6 of them were children. 2 were neighbor children. 4 were killed in the room upstairs where the three windows are.The parents room there is still a mark in the wall from the swing of the ax

Christine Paolilla was convicted of shooting four of her friend to death in July 18, 2003. She was 17 at the time of the shooting, three years went by before her arrest was made through an anonymous tip to the police. She was living with then husband who both was heroin addicts. In October of 2009 she was sentenced to life in prison for her crime.

*Iron shoes are pictured on the bank of the Danube on January 27, 2012, marking the Holocaust in Hungary. Hundreds of Hungarian Jews had to leave their shoes on the bank before they were shot into the river by Hungarian militaimen during the World War II. The United Nations declared in 2005 the Holocaust Memorial Day on January 27 to commemorate the 6 million Jews and other victims murdered by the Nazis. (Getty Images)

Mary Bell, 11-Year-Old Serial Killer, Scotswood, England, 1968 - Murdered Martin Brown (age 4) on May 25, 1968 and Brian Howe (age 3) on July 31, 1968. Her best friend Norma Bell, 13, (not related) took part in the 2nd murder. Mary attempted many murders besides those. Quotes: “I like hurting people.” - “Brian Howe had no mother, so he won’t be missed.” - “Murder isn’t that bad, we all die sometime anyway.” (Click on picture for more details)

Pa's hand dug well was the key to locating precisely where the Ingalls family lived on the southeastern Kansas prairie. Laura's descriptions from the book Little House On The Prairie were used to recreate the cabin. Near Independence, KS.

"1909, family without father. All the children but the 4 smallest work in the cotton mill. Each child makes 4.50 a week."

Sometime during the night of Sunday, June 9, 1912, a person or persons unknown entered a modest house in Villisca, Iowa and bludgeoned to death the eight people sleeping there. These killings, known thereafter as the “Villisca Axe Murders, is easily the most notorious murder in Iowa history. The murder spawned nearly ten years of investigations, repeated grand jury hearings, a spectacular slander suit, and murder trial, and numerous minor litigations and trials.

THE OLD SLAVE MARKET. Here we are in Florida. This open-sided auction house is were men, women, families and children were ripped from each others arms, and sold like animals for to the highest bidder.

The Brown Family - Brown vs. Board of Education Topeka, Kansas...a ruling still in effect today

This is the end, My friend.Death scene, 5th August 1962. The body of Marilyn Monroe, before it was moved from her Brentwood home, to the LA County Morgue. There were several police photos taken at the death scene, but this is the only existing one. Somebody retrieved it from the LAPD files.

The Mysterious Case of Elisa Lam - unbelievable, creepy story. Read more and watch the video!!....she looks like she is trying to hide & watching for someone.No one stands in the corner of the elevator like that .

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Blue People in Kentucky: The True Story of the Fugate Family with Blue Skin

In 1820, Martin Fugate and his wife Elizabeth Smith moved onto the banks of Troublesome Creek, a beautiful area in Appalachian Kentucky. There is no official recording as to whether Martin was actually blue, but he and his wife both carried a recessive gene that would turn their son Zachariah Fugate a startling blue color. Martin and Elizabeth had seven children: four of them were blue. Since the gene causing the blue coloration is recessive, the family had a 25% chance of having a blue…

The "shadow" of a Hiroshima victim, permanently etched into stone steps, after the 1945 atomic bomb

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The Bodies Of 800 Babies Were Found In The Septic Tank Of A Former Home For Unwed Mothers In Ireland

The remains of up to 800 children were found in a septic tank on a site where there once stood a home for unwed mothers and their children in Ireland

If you find footprints leading to your rural home, but not away… Don’t go to sleep! This is the true and very disturbing story of one family that did

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Top 13 American Murder Houses

J.B. Moore and his family, including two visiting relatives, were murdered in this home by an intruder on June 12, 1912. The case remains unsolved, but suspects at the time included a traveling preacher and then-U.S. Senator Frank F. Jones. Jones was a business partner of Moore's, and the two had bitterly parted ways in the weeks before the murder. The landmark Villisca Axe Murder House now operates as a museum…a fate not uncommon to properties too spooky for residential use.