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"...I explained more the basics, and motion of chest hooping."

Hula Hoop Basics: Upper Body, Torso & Chest : Hula Hoop Basics: Moving Hoop From Waist to Torso

Chest roll hoop trick. I was trying this one today but now it makes more sense.

Hoop Dance tutorial for multiple hoops and hooping with doubles

SaFire Hoop Dancing Tutorial: One Leg Hooping

The sliding door hoop trick tutorial ~ Love all of Babz's tutorials, but this was one of the first hoop tricks I learned ~ thanks to the great tutorial. Instructional video demonstrating a basic technique for hula hooping at the knees. This is my first hooping tutorial. How did I do? Does it make sense? Feedback is awesome! Let me know if there is a certain trick you want to learn and I'll see if I can break it down.