• Rebecca Hernandez

    To print on a paper bag, invert the image (across horizon), click on "Custom" and enter the dimensions (5.2x10.2). Rename the custom print, "paper bag". Hit OK and you're all set. Next time, you'll just have to go to paper size and select "paper bag". On website, click "tutorials" tab and then "printable lunch bags".

  • Katlyn

    printing on a paper lunch bag FYI: Invert the image (across horizon), click on "Custom" & enter the dimensions (5.2x10.2). Rename the custom print, "paper bag". Hit OK & you're all set. Next time, you'll just have to go to paper size and select "paper bag".

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Absolutely one of the best organized classroom's I have seen. **Must Keep**

Fabulous Free Online Holiday Books

Math Live is a web site that 3rd-6th grade teachers should look at whenever they are starting a new unit. It’s packed with great TV like episodes in a cartoon format introducing many different math concepts. What’s great is that it introduces math concepts to show how math applies in everyday life. Give it a look and see what you think!

Dozens of worksheets to helps students in Grades 3 and 4 sharpen their skills.

Funny Workplace Ecard: Teaching: the only profession where you simultaneously HATE your job and absolutely positively LOVE what you do.

Interesting slideshow of fifteen amazing animals who use camouflage to adapt to the habitat.

Animal Adaptations: Shows how different organisms have to change to be better suited for their environement. This would be a good activity for Smart Board use or a computer activity.

"Animals and Adaptations" is a science unit that focuses on animals, their needs, their habitats, and their adaptations for survival. It also introduces the concept of the environmental stewardship and asks the question "How do humans affect the environment?". The Animals and Adaptations unit was written for elementary students, but it can easily be adapted for other grade levels. This set can easily be used in a homeschool environment.

Cooperative Group Expectations

The Teacher Bill of Rights :)

Blooms Taxonomy Classroom Posters not just posters, but conversations that are anchors for the learning and thinking work.

Social Studies Interactive Notebook

Popular stories read online.

Some awesome sites for kids

Free Water Cycle Pop-Up Organizer

TODAY IN HISTORY~ Fun social studies activity, and a great way to start each day!

Science Investigation Notebook

History Detectives: Loyalists vs Patriots Informational Text Activity aligned to CCSS. Students will read two passages and have to use evidence from the text to answer questions. Great prep for SBAC or PARCC! $

A FREE decorative and informative poster highlighting various forms of renewable energy.

I grew up with "School House Rock" which were cool, but these educational, music videos are AWESOME!!!

Teaching history through Netflix— documentaries and dramas about different time periods

Testing for Conductors or Insulators

How animals adapt to habitat

Loot bags-toliet paper roll, use glue dots to wrap with wrapping paper, put a small gift inside, wrap with clear wrap!