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    Quote Of The Day: Apologies Are Important, Especially From Teachers To Students

    Are College Lectures Unfair? is the headline of a column in The New York Times reviewing new research about the ineffectiveness of college lectures, though the same could be said, of course, about ...

    Discrimination during adolescence has lasting effect on body is the title of a report on a depressing new study. Here's an excerpt: I'm adding it to A Collection Of Useful Posts, Articles & Vid...

    Maybe All Of Us Could Learn Something From Coach Pete Carroll

    Quotes About Questioning - A More Beautiful Question by Warren Berger

    These writing quotes come from the website of 7-time author and writing teacher, Laura Davis. Visit her site to learn more about her writing classes and retreats or to join her free online Writer's Journey Roadmap community.

    Two Quotes Of The Day: School Closures, Reform & Desegregation

    Research Study On Humility Perfect For Students (& Useful For All Of Us)

    Surprise, Surprise – Punishment May Not Be The Best Parenting (Or Teaching) Strategy

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    Quote Of The Day: “How To Tell A Great Story”

    Quote Of The Day: We Teachers Shouldn’t Talk So Much

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    Quote Of The Day: Gladwell On Data

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    Businesses Dumping Employee Ranking Systems – Just As Schools Are Adopting Them For Teachers

    Book Review: Ta-Nehisi Coates' 'Between The World & Me'

    “The Laziness Dogma” & The Manipulation Of Social Emotional Learning

    Statistic Of The Day: Too Many Students, Not Enough Teachers

    Quote Of The Day: Being Bilingual Helps Your Job Prospects

    'Culturally Responsive Teaching': An Interview With Zaretta Hammond

    Allison Zmuda, Jenny Edwards, Kelly Young, Maurice J. Elias, and Emily Geltz contribute their guest responses sharing advice new teachers, and many readers do the same.