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    Sorry I'm late, honey.

    [gif] heartbreaking.

    More quotes! :P


    Pond life

    “You just changed the future!” “It’s called marriage, honey.”

    And you did. In two minutes.

    The Doctor fixes things. He fixes people. And he fixed Amy and Rory...all with his TARDIS and his Bowtie

    This line was when I decided I liked Nine.

    Doctor Who. Watching out for Donna! David Tennant. Donna's Granddad. Wilfred Mott. 10. Ten. So sad when this happened, oh Donna


    Raggedy Man I remember you and you are LATE for my wedding!

    because i'm going to church. {gif}

    The Doctor: "Human souls trapped like flies in the world wide web. Stuck forever, crying out for help." Clara: "Isn't that basically Twitter?"



    Staal the not so undefeated anymore, but never mind

    Totally married her...

    Matt adores Karen :)