134. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Understanding our basic HUMAN RIGHTS (The 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as adopted by the United Nations in 1948)

Feminists - standing up for equal rights for ALL. (mainly b/c no one else will)

Left Brain vs. Right Brain -- Have you ever wondered why you act the way you do? Or which side of the brain you use more? Check out this interesting infographic on the left brain and right brain.

This is how I'll be teaching my "fair means everyone gets what they need" lesson (this picture minus the words)

ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS by zenpencils: Science All-Stars! Click through for details about each scientist. #Illustration #Cartoon #Scientists

life skills - A nice poster to use as flashcards with social skill building

No homework in Finland.

adhd infographic

World of Religion Infographic - how many followers and how religious is the world?

love this

theories of learning - interesting infographic

noble ranks - Female version

Rude folks...This may help when it comes to disrespectful residents or angry parents.

Shakespeare and brain activity--share with class when we begin Shakespeare unit!

Love this quote - class decor idea - Click image to find more education Pinterest pins

Little-Known Punctuation Marks for National Punctuation Day. Interesting! There IS a way to note other meanings in writing!

classroom collective • student rights and responsibilities

Responsibility Poster - works for adults!!

Belief Comparisons of the World's Major Religions