134. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Understanding our basic HUMAN RIGHTS (The 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as adopted by the United Nations in 1948)

Feminists - standing up for equal rights for ALL. (mainly b/c no one else will)

ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS by zenpencils: Science All-Stars! Click through for details about each scientist. #Illustration #Cartoon #Scientists

World of Religion Infographic - how many followers and how religious is the world?

Left Brain vs. Right Brain -- Have you ever wondered why you act the way you do? Or which side of the brain you use more? Check out this interesting infographic on the left brain and right brain.

life skills - A nice poster to use as flashcards with social skill building

adhd infographic

love this

Have you seen our new "feminist creatives" designs? Check them out! #feminism #fashion

100 Words that Sound Smart for a smart character

A Simple Guide To 4 Complex Learning Theories

No homework in Finland.

Federalism and Shared Power

hmmmm I need this as big as it can be printed!

punctuation quick reference guide. I need this when I'm writing. Commas and I do not get along.

My core values entirely. This can go right into Social Work as well

Economics anchor chart...can't find it on the blog, but it's not needed with this good picture!

32 Must-Try Classroom Management Tips. Great ideas for positive reinforcement, brain breaks, grouping kids and tons more.