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    134. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

    • Abbie Skinner

      The Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a infographic from Zen Pencils. Just a reminder, people.

    • Savannah Waller Fall 2015

      Starting on page 266, we read about human rights and social justice. This picture explains all basic human rights explained in the Universal Declaration of Human rights. Every person should be entitled to these rights regardless of their race, sex, gender, ethnicity, etc. Unfortunately, many minority groups are still being denied these opportunities and rights.

    • Infographic Plaza

      The Universal Declaration of Human Rights Infographic by Infographic Plaza #infographics #humanrights

    • Geoffrey Hughes

      Universal Declaration of Human Rights | ZEN PENCILS - 134. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

    • Jess

      JH: Yes, this is an extremely heavy topic to teach kindergartners, yet the message can be simplified and implemented in any classroom. For our kindergarten class, we will cover the importance of individuality, uniqueness, and embracing differences through a classroom discussion and diverse images. Examples as simple as hair color, eye color, etc. can be used to reinforce this idea of equality and human rights for all, regardless of gender, ethnicity, culture, etc.

    • Georgina Burns. GB

      {infographic} The Universal Declaration of Human Rights Borzichowski

    • Chelsie Mulholland

      "The Universal Declaration of Human Rights" - Great tool for teaching human rights

    • timmy tonesy

      {infographic} The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Great way to teach kids.

    • Marian McCouaig

      Maybe one day I will teach social studies again.

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