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  • erica klaus

    This infographic could be used in the classroom as a starting point for discussion. I would use it to launch a unit and the discussion of our rights as US citizens.

  • TheDoughGirl Deb

    Maybe one day I will teach social studies again.

  • Sarah Mason

    Human rights poster

  • Megan Egerton

    I can see this infographic being used in literature or social studies classes.

  • Christine Rachelle

    134. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The General Assembly credited the work and presence of Eleanor Roosevelt during the debates with their success in getting these rights written and passed [female power!].

  • Angela Card

    If I ever have a classroom at some point in my life or am involved in children's education, this will be hung up.

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dignity - that is NOT to walk away to date another and rebound a third; NOT to want a girl's night out four days after the wedding; NOT laughing at someone slipping on ice on christmas day. let this man be free from the lack of dignity she should have given.

Human rights are not optional. They are not dependent on culture. Genocide, infanticide, FGM...these are not acceptable because they are based on tradition.

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i will probably pin everything that has to do with the universal declaration of human rights forever

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International Womens' day. Too many girls and women are suffering daily.