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Q: Identify the piece of this that is not awesome. A: Trick question. There is no piece of this that is not awesome. Someone at work finally paid attention to my warning sign. -Via Imgur

The Shirk Report – Volume 260 «TwistedSifter

When are we going to do something about this? I should pretty much keep a trash can next to the mail box...

Put another way, are you happy with your current health? Your cell provider is the current communication system that your body is currently working with which creates the framework for light/sound information to come into your body on a cellular level.

I have to admit at one time or another I've used just about all of these excuses. My personal favorite seems to be "the cleaner!"

This comic was drawn and published while flying on an airplane.

anatomy of songs, the country songs left out blonde hair, blue eyes, pink toe nails, short shorts

In this comic, John Kovalic of 'Dork Tower' shows us that theTwitter feed may just be the modern-day novel.

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