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I love me some lobster, but I will readily admit that I am, for all intents and purposes, eating the cockroach of the sea.

Wow, there are two types of people I guess. I was just thinking about being able to keep them in a book with my notes.... Haha


Cool stuff that can happen to your body after you die.

Heaven via I don't usually dig xkcd, but I gotta love the Tetris emotions this conjures up

I seriously couldn't understand why he couldn't go back to a time before or after that to get Rory and Amy back. I mean he could have used the multidemension button that rose and mickey used to get back from the parallel world, I mean in essence it was just another parallel world

  • Serena Shirley

    Also, those buttons tear holes in the void and bad things leak out.

  • Dinah Danielson

    They mention it in "Blink." The Deputy tells Sally Sparrow that it will cause a huge time rift of the universe

  • Abbie R

    Amy... The one with a brain AND a mouth. Basically, it's just trying to add logic to Doctor Who, Which, everyone knows would never work.

Oh. My. Gosh. Someone, please make this dream a reality! I used to ask for tier two support at Brighthouse and saved myself a half hour. Learned that trick after parroting the tier one help desk for a half hour once. They don't like when you finish their sentences and then answer them.

If you have any ideas, I hear you can send them to mailto:iaupublic@....

I used to work for a guy about whom HIS friend once said, "He'd step over a dollar to pick up a dime." I try to be frugal, but not at my own expense.

  • Kelley

    I'm stuck on the fact that the one displaying GOOD logic is male and the one displaying BAD logic is female. :

  • Tiddleywink Vintage

    Heretica Neue This artist draws many brilliant females, I assure you.

OMG I just spit water everywhere