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I love me some lobster, but I will readily admit that I am, for all intents and purposes, eating the cockroach of the sea.

Very Small Epiphanies On Everyday Life

Because let's be honest, which one of use WOULDN'T direct Episode VII for a pile of money??

If World War One was a bar fight // this is how we should have studied it in school

Frank Tobe on “What were the highlights at IROS/iREX this year?”

Unquote (xkcd, September 9, 2013) // I want to write something about the persistence of quotations long after the original context has withered away, and when I do, I want to use this xkcd as an illustration.

There are no Secret Santas in the Jedi Council. I SHOULD NOT BE LAUGHING SO HARD ABOUT THIS, AND YET I AM.

The crew of Disney's "Frozen" received these "Star Wars" themed t-shirts. I'm now incredibly jealous of the animation team.

Star Wars Disney ladies. This is cool, I love that Belle is Han Solo, but Mulan should be a lot more badass.

Reasoning errors. A new study finds that if you give rats a cell phone and a lever they can push to improve the signal, the rats will chew on the cell phone until it breaks and your research supervisors will start to ask some questions about your grant money.

We shouldve had this in the Fine Arts building... #funny

SHOTS FIRED *dives into bunker made of pillows and blankets and boxes of coffee beans* *peeks head out to watch the games begin*