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Frazz Comic Strip, November 13, 2013 on GoComics.com I've had conversations like this....

Frazz Comic Strip on GoComics.com

Frazz Comic Strip on GoComics.com

Today's Pickles comic strip shows how language can be confusing

Pickles comic strip demonstrates how NOT to handle student errors in the language learning classroom

Luann Comic Strip explains three key qualities of a good teacher

Peanuts: Snoopy on delayed gratification

Donald Trump's tweets reveal an obvious truth. He's missed his calling as a writer of the world's most singularly intense CliffsNotes. SAD!

“My Stdnt MotivationBook 2 B Published March 27:Here's Tweeted Excerpt 13 http://t.co/LDyAGnTGfc #selfmotivatedlrnrs”

good guy teacher meme

In Finland there a different education system that the kids enjoy more. The kids seem to be happier and therefore they enjoy school has become more productive. Their school system has more recess time no homework and other advantages could the no homework be directly related to the fact that their grades are way better. Should America follow Finland's school system, would it work here too?

On relating more to students than people realize: | 19 Brutally Honest Teacher Confessions

Oh, English.

Another memorable illustration from Davide Barco.

WSU grizzly smarter than the average bear

Bomb-screening system takes bags for a ride - The Washington Post

Original concept by Cam Magee. Design by Caitlin S. Griffin.

What Is This Thing Called? is an interesting blog

Seriously� why not

The Socratic questioning process