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Today's Pickles comic strip shows how language can be confusing

Moderately Confused Comic Strip, October 24, 2013 on GoComics.com

Pickles comic strip demonstrates how NOT to handle student errors in the language learning classroom

Pickles comic strip takes on the value of making mistakes

Luann Comic Strip explains three key qualities of a good teacher

Vinyl records in comic strips

Frazz Comic Strip, November 13, 2013 on GoComics.com I've had conversations like this....


Pickles Comic Strip, June 30, 2014 on GoComics.com

British and American English…divided by a common language

What Are the Hardest Languages to Learn Infographic | e-Learning Infographics

poetry comics: metaphors with Robert Frost. This is a free file from a larger product called Poetry Comics! These lessons follow the same format as the free sample, except a worksheet is added afterward to reinforce the skills taught in the comic

"10 Clothing Idioms" (#INFOGRAPHIC)

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Embedded image permalink

Global Second Languages

English Pronunciation

Fantastic language arts app for the classroom.

The Speed of Language Infographic

The Pajama Diaries | A Comic by Terri LibensonPajama Diaries comic strip demonstrates original way to use Venn Diagram at home

With interest in computer science growing, now is the time to brush up on coding skills. But where should you start?