Troxell Digital Classroom Infographic

New Guide! Mobile Devices for Learning: What You Need to Know

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Jeopardy generator that can be used with SmartBoard or projected from a computer. I like how this one keeps the score on the side!

Exploring the mystery genre in the library is a great way to expose students to new types of literature and who doesn't love solving a real crime?

8 Awesome Educational Infographics for Teachers ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

"Apps" that teachers can use on smartphones iPads, or other devices to benefit their classroom.

7 Ways To Use Your iPad In The Classroom

Here is a new wonderful interactive SAMR visual that uses Bloom's taxonomy.

Pacon Creative Products Classroom Construction Paper Storage, 10 Slots, 26 7/8 x 16 7/8 x 18 1/2 for $21.74

Apps for the #flipped classroom

QR codes in the classroom- blog

How to create a paperless classroom with your iPad; The To Go™ headsets can help students with iOS & Android-based mobile learning activities #mlearning #mobilelearning #edtech #classroom20

Critical Thinking Skills infographic

Infographic on Flipped Learning

iHeartLiteracy: Technology in the Classroom

Kahoot! | Game-based blended learning classroom response system with BYOD (works with a variety of devices) student accounts not needed ~ Free teacher account

10 Ways to Engage Students in Your Classroom

Do you want to know how to use an iPad in the classroom... yeah... we got you covered... This is a MUST GET pack to save you time and effort.

Free apps list by grade levels

Apps and Education - Do you use any of these?