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The benefits of learning another language. It is amazing how our lives can be different when we learn a new language. There are endless opportunities and benefits to being multilingual!

Children Learning English Affectively: The benefits behind learning a foreign language

Infographic on why you should never top learning, professionally and personally.

Is it better to speak one language or two – or even several? Find out where you stand. Bilinguals lead the way in international business, creativity, problem-solving, and in some cases even health. But monolinguals do have that larger vocabulary and faster retrieval, which can give them the advantage in a time crunch. by vibrantyouthe4

How the Brain Benefits from Being Bilingual - Glad to know how Stefan is benefiting from 2 languages!

Why It Pays To Be Bilingual | Photo @ Voxy Blog.

benefits being bilingual, learning second language

Do you know a native #Spanish speaker that wants to learn better English while having fun? Check out #Bilingual education has numerous benefits!

Why Learn Another Language? The Benefits of Second Language Acquisition - Classroom Poster via WeAreTeachers