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  • Nana Ann

    Grammar Rules Poster: 10 Words You Need to Stop Misspelling

  • Leah Havord

    10 Words You Need to Stop Misspelling AND SO EDUCATIONAL - The Oatmeal

  • Beth Shelton

    10 Words You Need to Stop Misspelling - The Oatmeal. SERIOUSLY - this is on my list of pet peeves

  • Gwen Gooda

    Funny drawings explaining correct grammar: Lose vs. Loose; Weird vs. Wierd; Their, They're, There; Your vs. You're; It's vs. Its; Definitely; Effect vs. Affect; Weather vs. Whether; A lot vs. Alot; Then vs. Than - Too many people need to take grammar lessons!

  • Ali Hayward

    Funny....and seriously people, STOP misspelling this stuff.

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loving the manatee...and of course the lesson bc I hate when ppl do this...

Think I may hand this out the first day of class

Commonly misspelled English words - #infographic -- Created by Your Dictionary, a super user-friendly online dictionary and thesaurus, the chart lists words that are most commonly misused and misspelled. - Each card includes the definition of the word and an example of using it in a sentence. - Via Design Taxi.

I think I'm going to make this into a card for all of the high school graduates I know this year!

Got this from Joel ages ago, but it still illustrates the importance of good grammar. Pay attention!!

Even though I know I mess it up also I absolutely do this

Yeah, I do this every time. (And this quote is missing two apostrophes, and every time is two words! )

Certainly an interesting twist on this. I could see it really helping some kids to remember the difference!

There’s something about grammar…

Mini Lapbook for Eight Parts of Speech - perfect for CC Essentials review!

Posted with a desire to help myself and others look a little less silly. :)

I don't know how common these words are in the typical 6th grade spoken or written vocabulary and I hope they never need to know the difference between flammable and inflammable but the infographic is still sort of neat.