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Push-a-Point Pencils...with erasers! I loved these!

Push-a-Point Pencils.with erasers!, these things seemed to never work, but were the coolest things next to jelly pens to buy at the school store.

& the pencils

fruit smelling pencils - oh my.they had these at Santa's workshop in grade school for Christmas .just the gift everyones parents wanted .I sure loved them though

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90's Nostalgia

50 Things You Will Never Get For Christmas Again. Oh man, talk about a blast from the past! I had this exact Polly Pocket!

Oh man I remember this

35 Things You Will Never See Again In Your Life. Made me sad to see them all! I loved the bubble jug lol

Polly Pocket!! I loved these!

I loved Polly Pocket's when I was a kid! This is how i remember polly pockets.

Mall Madness

55 Toys & Games That Will Make Girls Super Nostalgic -- best list I have seen yet. I completely forgot about a few of these, and now really want to play Mall Madness

Can't stop laughing!! It's true!!

35 things I will tell my kids about and then feel old. playing on the computer ment playing on paint bc that's all there was and mom was on the phone so the internet didnt work. Oh the good ol days

Milky pens <---Whoa, I used to love these! Also: buying black paper, just so they would show up better!

gel pens, I had every color of the rainbow and wouldn't write with anything else in middle school :-P teachers even got annoyed haha! I LOVE GEL PENS!



90s kid!- Ha totally questioned the red/green ranger.

I love that kid" actually means "were born in the and grew up in the This was definitely my childhood, and they called me out on the Power Ranger thing.