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Teddy Ruxpin

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  • Renee Ward


  • Hillary Horness

    teddy ruxpin. 1985. OMG my sister loved this bear!!!

  • Amber Lighthall

    Teddy Ruxpin, Oh how I loved this bear growing up!

  • Jennifer Yamada

    Teddy Ruxpin. - Childhood memory!

  • Cherie Marini

    I had and still might have this-a serenading bear is irresistible 32 Of Your Childhood Toys That Are Worth An Absolute Fortune Now

  • Ashley Hepner

    Technology in the 80s.

  • Doris Conner

    I wonder if you remember this one? Teddy Ruxpin none the less. One of the first talking bears I remember, very early robotics. Did you add a tape? I think so. The kids loved it ♥

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this was my favorite toy!!! ...until i took it to show and tell at KinderCare & a boy named Preston threw up all over it during circle time. #trueStory #scarredFoLife

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LOVED this did my hair stylist. She (and other girls in the shop) couldn't believe this was the shampoo (with matching conditioner) I used. It kept my fine, flyaway hair from being frizzy without weighing it down...and it made your hair really SHINE! Salon gals couldn't believe it because this shampoo was considered "cheap."

I am the bird...plugging away, drinking from the firehose, never stopping, keeping the nuclear plant running.

I know you had a Teddy Ruxpin if you were born in the 80's...

Teddy Ruxpin was the best! Cept I poked one of his eyes out which looked scary, so mum put a pirate patch on one side. You put a cassette in his back and he would read stories to you.. his mouth moved and eyes blinked!

I never did have this toy but I ran home from the bus stop everyday to watch him on the tube.

I would jump a mile even when I knew what sound was coming if I hit the metal!

Teddy Ruxpin...I wanted on of these cause his mouth and eyes would movie while he told you a story via the cassette tape in his back.