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This is true. I wish more parents could understand that it's hard to be a teenager! You guys should understand; you were teens once!

those great ideas always come after


Me and my friends roast eachother all the time so this happens alot. I do have some pretty good comebacks sometimes though.

33 Of The Best Whispers

33 Of The Best Whispers

Sneakers are my thing. I can't stand heels, or even a little lift. It's just me

18 things that dont make any sense

I especially don't like the dentist one. Sometimes my teeth cleaning takes 2 times the time it should because she stops to hear my answer, and then I have to talk with a bunch of paste stuff in my mouth.

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Everything cept good grammar cause I dont got that, and i find it cute when he dont(:

I don't really care about proper grammar because I find it cute when boys don't use proper grammar

Except the fan fiction

all true ( well I don't write fan fiction and don't normally read it.) My imagination doesn't scare me. Some times but hey whatcha gonna do