Creamy Blackberry Frozen Yogurt

Creamy Blackberry Frozen Yogurt - 3 cups fresh blackberries, 3 cups Greek yogurt, 1 oz) can sweetened condensed milk. this may be the final push i need to get an ice cream maker to make homemade greek froyo.

Vanilla flavored frozen yogurt recipe with no refined sugar!  #vanilla #frozenyogurt

Creamy Vanilla Frozen Yogurt

Creamy Vanilla Frozen Yogurt - This frozen yogurt recipe contains no refined sugar, and can be prepared with, or without, an ice cream maker. I make this low-calorie recipe year around.

Blend 1 cup strawberries, 1 small banana, and 1/3 cup almond milk. Freeze. Enjoy!

Strawberry Banana Almond Milk ICE CREAM Blend 1 cup strawberries, 1 small banana, and cup almond milk. Freeze and you have ice cream! Perfect healthy treat to give kids or if you have a craving for ice cream but dont want to ruin your diet!

Biscoff-Swirled Blueberry Frozen Yogurt ~

Low fat blueberry cheesecake frozen yogurt with a crunchy Biscoff swirl – creamy, dreamy, delicious!

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Healthy Dessert: 30-Calorie Frozen Yogurt Cupcakes

Frozen Yogurt Cupcakes

30 calorie frozen yogurt cupcakes - vanilla Greek yogurt, strawberries, half a ripe banana, mini dark chocolate chips

How-to Make Coconut Butter in Just 1 Easy Step // Tasty Yummies

How-to Make Coconut Butter

How to make Coconut Butter / Tasty Yummies recipe This would make an awesome icing or glaze for vegan baked goods.

Alternativa saludable a los helados. Esto se hizo utilizando sólo dos ingredientes, plátano congelado y arándanos congelados.

Banana Blueberry Ice-Cream - Healthy alternative to ice-cream. This was made using only two ingredients, frozen banana and frozen blueberries. The frozen fruit possibilities are endless! delish,Favorite Recipes,food &a