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  • Barbara Garris

    Absolutely, perhaps even better though, as most magazines only cover one (or a small handful) of topics, whereas here you can see images spanning dozens of topics in mere minutes. #pining #Pinterest #sayings #quotes

  • Rafael Aguirre

    Psst ...If you want to know what to buy her look at PINTEREST Boards.

  • Teri Runge Cosby

    major Pinterest addiction!

  • bee cunningham

    Exactly! ..... oh man! thought it was just me! I used to love magazines, had subscriptions to a dozen, then I found pinterest..... only have one now.... Thanks Pinterest! (and all the fabulous pinners who find the wonderful pins!)

  • Morgan Thompson

    I have a pinterest problem.. but omg this is so true!

  • Joan Opell

    So true!! That's why I love Pinterest. No need for magazines anymore that takes up space!

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