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Family yearbooks. Since most people don't print out pictures like they used to, this would be a great way to document your years in pictures. Such a neat idea!!!

Create "yearbooks" for family photos! Before we have kids, I'll make one of photos from when I met my husband to before having kids. Then after that, I'll make a "family" album for each year.

cre8d designfrom cre8d design

[Step-by-step tutorial] Creating a Family Yearbook

How to make a Family Yearbook

Artifact Uprisingfrom Artifact Uprising

Hardcover Photo Book

My next Photobook, instead of shutterfly...Artifact Uprising. OBSESSED!

Young House Lovefrom Young House Love

Our Family's Picture Storage Solution: Yearly Photo Books

Make a family yearbook of pictures from each year instead of printing out photos to put in albums...takes up less space too!

Okaaythen.from Okaaythen.

Over 100 Gift Ideas For Teens

Put a picture of what you're saving for in a shadow box and cut a slit for money! crafts-for-teens

Apartment Therapyfrom Apartment Therapy

How To Create a Family Yearbook: Controlling the Chaos of Digital Photos

A great idea for yearly photobooks! How To Create a Family Yearbook: Controlling the Chaos of Digital Photos | Apartment Therapy

Neat DIY & Craft Ideas

List is broken down into weeks, adding up to a year. That way it's not so overwhelming (and expensive) to do all at once! You can either go by order, or pick and choose things that you find on sale, or that you have in the house. Don't get this list confused with a Food Storage list, this has a FEW food items, but its mostly emergency supplies.

vacation memory jars, Cant Wait to start making these! i LOVE them :)