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Here are 10 ways to make cute pinecone crafts with kids

Tea set bird feeders You will need: Old cups and saucers, matching or not A pencil Cloth-backed coarse grade sandpaper An all-purpose glue or hot glue gun Fishing line, or hanging hooks for bird feeders, available from specialty stores

Very cool trick to use to attract deer. Just remove lid and nail to the tree, cut bottom off the peanut butter jar, then screw jar back on the lid nailed to the tree.

$16.00 5 gallon deer feeder. Not only is this cheap, but its easy and fast. You can make about 6 of these for the same cost as you can buy one from the store. Parts: 1- 3" PVC drain clean-out tee, 2- 3" PVC 45 degree elbows, 1- 5 gallon bucket and lid, 2- 1 1/4" outdoor-grade screws

homemade hog feeder plans - Google Search

Cute little cabin awaits its residents’ return, after a day of “goin’ fishin’”.

10 Feeding Habits of Mature Deer Be in tune w/big buck behavior!