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    Shakespeare Insults

    • Kayla Dugdale

      The Instant Shakespeare Insult Kit. This is incredibly amusing!

    • Ky

      The Instant Shakespeare Insult Kit. I remember getting these in high school. This could be an AWESOME board

    • Amy

      The Instant Shakespeare Insult Kit. Dude, I'm not a huge Bard fan, but this is awesome!

    • Taylor Forester

      The Instant Shakespeare Insult Kit: no cursing in class. You may only use Shakespearean insults lol.

    • Stephanie Forbes

      The Instant Shakespeare Insult Kit. @Liz Thomason gotta use these on Blackburn. Gotta love an elegant comeback rather then the worn out vulgaritys!

    • Tiffany Williams

      The Instant Shakespeare Insult Kit. I thought this was funny! Insult idea for your books

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    it's true.


    When he broke things down to an exact science. | Community Post: 18 Times Michael Scott's Hatred For Toby Went Too Far

    I'm gonna save that one...

    Oh Jared. Jared looks like the target

    Fred and George

    Harry Potter Facts // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures



    I loved this scene

    I will take them both on a date I don't even care! lol Dean is indeed a classy lady.


    Killing Coulson got better

    How to spot a SuperWhoLock fan in a crowd. Accurate!

    Benedict explaining what it's like to deliver his Sherlock lines so incredibly fast.

    Can this please happen at some point?

    Sherlock fandom bird call/nerd bird calls. I still haven't found anybody.

    Supernatural. Let's play '6 Degrees of Separation between Supernatural and The Disney Channel'! Well, actually, it's more like one or two... Exhibit A:

    I'm pinning this because it implies that the Doctor's universe is inside Benedict Cumberbatch's eye. < no. It is inside of Sherlocks eye. Bullies from school. His brother. Being addicted to drugs. Having to be away from John. That universe is where he escapes too. Because there he can go back in time and undue his mistakes.