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    what to put in your Pascha basket

    Red Eggs for Pascha

    The Traditional Ukrainian Easter Basket contains the following foods: * Paska (Easter Bread) * Ham * Pork (some people also add lamb and veal) * Kovbasa * Red Beets Vinaigrette * Horseradish * Boiled Eggs (including Pysanky for decoration) * Cheese * Butter * Salt * Wine (optional)

    Pascha eggs

    why we dye eggs red for Pascha

    Lacy handmade easter egg basket. Blow up a balloon. Make paste of flour/water. Wet some white string or yarn and wrap, wrap, wrap. When dry, cut out the hole and decorate.

    Meat, dairy, eggs, oil & wine (plus other goodies). All the things we've been fasting from are fair game now for Pascha and all of Bright Week.

    A pretty example of a traditional Pascha (Easter) basket.

    Easter basket made from grocery bags by ellinee

    Easter Egg Tree - nice idea for Pascha!

    Easy Lamb Cake – No need for a special cake pan for our Easy Lamb Cake! The adorable cake is as easy as it is delicious and soon to be the centerpiece of your Easter dessert table.

    How to make a Pascha Basket We'll be getting our Pascha baskets ready to bless and share after services Pascha Sunday. Although there are specific traditional foods, each family in our parish has their own favorites. With my family's German and Irish backgrounds, I include sauerbraten meatballs, German potato salad, pickled eggs, German sugar cookies and my homemade Bailey's Irish Cream!

    stacked Easter basket centerpiece

    Free Printable... Post on child's door, a friend or neighbor's door and hide eggs, a great reminder of what Easter is all about! So cute!

    Christ is Risen! Printable Pascha/Easter cards about red eggs and what they mean

    Easter bunny in a jar. What a cute gift idea!

    Recipes for all-natural egg dyes.

    Jade, Radiant Orchid, and Other Exotic Easter Egg Colors You Need to Try

    This is a fabulous idea! take small glow sticks and put them in plastic eggs. Then hide them in the house and turned off the lights for the hunt. Must remember this!


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