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Iron Man Arc Reactor Tattoo. // if I was a dude, Id totally get this!//Why must you be a man to get this?? I'd totally get it and have an awesome Arc Reactor between my cleavage. :-)

Chest tattoo, would be awesome to get an Iron Man tattoo

Iron Man is and always will be my favorite superhero. To show my nerdy love for Marvel, I want this as a blacklight tattoo on my chest. nobody will see it until its under blacklight and it'll glow just like Tony's arc reactor in the movies.

Iron man still has his heart he just added an arc reactor and suit then he's iron man Pinner before: Avengers Math (He still has a heart, though)

Iron Man Poster Arc Reactor by WestGraphics on Etsy

Case Decal - Iron Man ARC Reactor

Thor's disturbingly intense feelings about know you've thought about it.

Would be awesome as a line work tattoo with UV ink arc reactor and eyes.

Arc reactor that want to get tattooed on my ankle or behind the ear

Iron Man Arc Reactor Friendship Necklaces, if you play well with others.