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Iron Man Arc Reactor Tattoo. // if I was a dude, Id totally get this!//Why must you be a man to get this?? I'd totally get it and have an awesome Arc Reactor between my cleavage. :-)

Chest tattoo, would be awesome to get an Iron Man tattoo

Iron Man is and always will be my favorite superhero. To show my nerdy love for Marvel, I want this as a blacklight tattoo on my chest. nobody will see it until its under blacklight and it'll glow just like Tony's arc reactor in the movies.

Case Decal - Iron Man ARC Reactor

Iron man still has his heart he just added an arc reactor and suit then he's iron man Pinner before: Avengers Math (He still has a heart, though)

Thor's disturbingly intense feelings about know you've thought about it.

Would be awesome as a line work tattoo with UV ink arc reactor and eyes.

Arc reactor that want to get tattooed on my ankle or behind the ear