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"You musn't give your heart to a wild thing. The more you do, the stronger they get, until they're strong enough to run into the woods or fly into a tree. And then to a higher tree and then to the sky."

WALK THE LINE "You wear black 'cause you can't find anything else to wear? You found your sound 'cause you can't play no better? You just tried to kiss me because 'it just happened?' You should try taking credit for something every once in a while, John."

Walk the Line (2005). The love story of Johnny Cash (Joaquin Phoenix) and June Carter Cash (Reese Witherspoon).

"Walk The Line" Joaquin Phoenix should have received an award for his part as Johnny Cash. He was amazing.

Walk the Line - 2005 Based on the early life and career of country music artist Johnny Cash

Walk the Line (2005) Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash...Amazing movie & soundtrack!

Johnny Cash: I'm really glad ya'll could be here today, especially you dad, glad you came. Not everybody's here. Jack's not here is he, huh? Where you been? That's what you said to me, remember? I was twelve years old and he got Jack's bloody clothes, and you asked where I'd been. Ray Cash: Well, where were you? Johnny Cash: Where were you?

Walk The Line - Joaquin Phoenix portrayed Johnnie Cash and should have won an oscar for his role..