Wartime painting in oils on silk, by an unidentified Japanese artist, depicting the four officers and five crewmen who were lost with the five Japanese midget submarines that participated in the attack.

Christmas Winter Reclaimed Wood Pallet Art, Let It Snow, Hand painted Pine tree,Christmas decorations, upcycled shabby chic, Original Acrylic painting on reclaimed pallet boards. This unique piece is 5 1/2 x 19 tall. It is a fun, personal touch to add to your Christmas decor or a great gift for teachers. All of my creations are made of reclaimed boards. They are hand painted and are made after they are ordered. Although I try to duplicate original as closely as possible, there may be…

Nothing to do with my country theme but these men deserve everyone's respect they fought and died for our freedom

President Franklin Roosevelt at Pearl Harbor on June 11, 1944. L-R General Douglas MacArthur; President Roosevelt; Admiral Chester Nimitz; and Admiral William Taft Leahy. (CSU_ALPHA_22) CSU Archives/Everett Collection

Pearl Harbor widows, enlisted by the government, report for work at a West Coast air factory. February, 1942

Japanese pilots get instructions aboard an aircraft carrier before the attack on Pearl Harbor, in this scene from a Japanese newsreel. It was obtained by the U.S. War Department and released to U.S. newsreels. (AP Photo)

Pearl Harbor-The attack on Pearl Harbor occurred on December 7, 1941. The Japanese attacked the United States without warning.

On 7 December 1941, USS Maryland (BB-46) was moored inboard of USS Oklahoma (BB-37), and was thus protected by her when Japanese torpedo pla...

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