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    • ~ Laila ~

      White Killer Whale: Scientists Prepare To Find 'Iceberg,' Thought To Be Albino Orca (VIDEO)

    • Shirley M. Steele Photography

      Killer Whale watching.. check out the rare Albino one!

    • Lauren Biggs

      Iceberg, the White Orca Whale found in Russia!

    • Jessica Stracke

      1st ever Albino killer whale spotter by Russian researchers in the wild. Nick named Iceberg, 6 foot long male Orcinus orca

    • Linda P.

      An albino killer whale nicknamed Iceberg. Scientists have filmed what is believed to be the first sighting of an adult white killer whale in the wild. The marine mammal, nicknamed Iceberg and believed to be at least 16 years old, was swimming with its mother and siblings in waters off the Kamchatka peninsula off the far eastern coast of Russia

    • Christi

      Rare White Killer Whale Photographed UPDATE: The original photo has been replaced with a more recent photo of a white orca. Originally observed in August 2010 near the Commander Islands in the North Pacific, researchers decided to wait until the animal had been studied further before releasing photographs. Photo: E. Lazareva / Newscom

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