love this!

Nape undercut with shaved hair tattoo design.

Napeundercut Design

I want an undercut for this reason! I have so much baby hair and I just think an undercut would look much cooler but I would only want a little one, mainly because I can't convince my parents to let me have a small one let alone a big one

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●Top Knot Twist● For the warrior inside.♡ More hair inspiration this way. YAY OR…

Obsessed with my new #undercut shaved hair design for women !

Obsessed with my new shaved hair design for women !

Hair/ Undercut

I really kinda like this half side shaved head thing

Sick undercut is sick

Shaved undercut would def cut down on my hair straightening time!

undercut for hair : Photo

This would be so cool to get away with!

tumblr_mgecb7MrrI1qj9gkxo1_1280.jpg (1280×1920)

I would SO do this if I had thicker hair

Undercut for women

Undercut for women

hairstyle. shaved back of head for woman! designed hair for woman!

The one on the top left corner though! I want an undercut so bad