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So true!  This is why I am always so tired!

"I just have to finish the chapter". "ok, well maybe THIS chapter"."one more quick chapter"."Well shit now I HAVE to finish!

I think i have book hangover....

25 signs you’re addicted to books. In other words; 25 signs that you might actually have a brain. excuse the language

This is so me. And I get constantly made fun of for it haha, always be prepared to read

"I always carry a book in my purse because you never know when you'll need a good book." Suggest y'all do the same. because you never know :-) I truly do this.

i wish this was true

the major geek in me really wishes this was true! if only. this would be amazing. i'd hope it was Heaven is For Real so i could go to Heaven with Coulten!

Book Recommendations Galore From Segullah

Book Recommendations Galore From Segullah (Segullah)

YES. A thousand times yes.We need to make that a thing # the book you tree against the wall the hardest

It's like in Slated: But where's Ben? She hasn't found Ben yet.

It's a terrible feeling , it happened in the mark of Athena I thought there were more pages but it turned out to be a STUPID GLOSSARY<<<<<< I KNOW RIGHT! Fall for every time!

nerd girl problem nerd-girl-problem

Nerd Girl Problem I wish my friends would read faster or something! I hate having to wait on them.

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Jamie Campbell Bower, the actor who plays Jace in the Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. And twilight in the background. "Sees someone reading your favorite book: You, I like you!

Every time!

How I felt when I finished the Fever Series! "I can't believe this is the last book in the series. What am I going to do with the rest of my life?