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    Viruses called phages attacking bacteria. Scenes like this are playing out within the ecosystem of your body even now.

    The difference between a virus and a retrovirus: | 20 More Spectacularly Nerdy Science Jokes

    Giant Virus, Awakened From 30,000-Year Slumber, Is Still Infectious. no need to scour eBay for a HAZMAT suit: the virus, dubbed Pithovirus sibericum, only infects single-celled amoebas. However, the discovery has scientists wondering what other microbes are hidden in melting permafrost awaiting another chance to infect.

    She Blinded Me with Science - a type zine: Cover by Iain Burke, via Flickr

    Beware of phagocytosis.


    Orange hues of fall! One of the reasons i know God is real and created all things is that only he could make all the shades of orange

    Every father should remember that one day his son will follow his example instead of his advice.


    Focus stacked spider eye, taken with objective microscope.

    Hippocampal Neuron 63x - Dr. Kieran Boyle

    Mouse vertebra 200X - Dr. Michael Paul Nelson and Samantha Smith

    Crystal formation of Sulfosalicylic Acid - 200X. Mr. Thomas Balla

    Fungus - Podospora Anserina Tip Cell 630X - Dr. Christian Q. Scheckhuber

    Explosive Dynamics of sugar transport in Fat Cells. Dr. James Burchfield

    Pyramidal Neaurons and their Dendrites in the visual Cortex of a mouse brain. Dr. Alexandre William Moreau

    Detail of the Microtublules and Necleus in a COS-7 - 100X. Dr. Mariela Loschi