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    Viruses called phages attacking bacteria. Scenes like this are playing out within the ecosystem of your body even now.

    The difference between a virus and a retrovirus: | 20 More Spectacularly Nerdy Science Jokes

    Giant Virus, Awakened From 30,000-Year Slumber, Is Still Infectious. no need to scour eBay for a HAZMAT suit: the virus, dubbed Pithovirus sibericum, only infects single-celled amoebas. However, the discovery has scientists wondering what other microbes are hidden in melting permafrost awaiting another chance to infect.

    How much stuff does your body make in a year?<< interesting facts while studying the human body.

    She Blinded Me with Science - a type zine: Cover by Iain Burke, via Flickr

    Beware of phagocytosis.


    Orange hues of fall! One of the reasons i know God is real and created all things is that only he could make all the shades of orange


    Focus stacked spider eye, taken with objective microscope.

    Hippocampal Neuron 63x - Dr. Kieran Boyle

    Mouse vertebra 200X - Dr. Michael Paul Nelson and Samantha Smith

    Crystal formation of Sulfosalicylic Acid - 200X. Mr. Thomas Balla

    Fungus - Podospora Anserina Tip Cell 630X - Dr. Christian Q. Scheckhuber

    Explosive Dynamics of sugar transport in Fat Cells. Dr. James Burchfield

    Pyramidal Neaurons and their Dendrites in the visual Cortex of a mouse brain. Dr. Alexandre William Moreau

    Detail of the Microtublules and Necleus in a COS-7 - 100X. Dr. Mariela Loschi