100 designs

100 Days Activity - Give the students a cut-out of 1-0-0 and let them create a picture. ~Joy in the Journey~

100th day

The students created pictures using cut-outs of 100

100 day songs

100th day charts

100 day activities

100 th day

100th Day Galore is a great pack that let's your kiddos celebrate the 100th day of school in a FUN yet meaningful way! $

100th Day of School Shirt with Bow make with students next year

100th Day of School Project ~ Gumball Machine!

Celebrate the 100th day of school with your students by showing them just how much you think they shine! These "100 Days Brighter" gift tags are the perfect topper for a glow stick or glow bracelet!

100th day activities ---

100th day of school writing activity.

Cute idea for 100th day of school. Turn the 100 into a picture

100 day activities

100th day-So Much Great Stuff!

100th day glyph--- cute!

100 designs

What designs can kids make with the digits from 100? LOTS! Use die cut numbers and see what they can do!