In honor of the Easter Moon last night...It was so beautiful sitting in my little courtyard lit up with silver white light. I stared up at the moon and the dark sky and stars (of course it looked nothing like this photo, but it was pretty darn close!)

✯ Big Tree – Big Moon

Moon, Venus and Jupiter

This "Love You To The Moon & Back" print features whimsical hand lettering and a chalk moon illustration. The print would make a sweet addition to a child's

Super Moon



big moon


Signed And Numbered Limited Edition Cibachrome® Unframed Edition Size:  295 Image Size:  36" x 18"

Ruling Planet: The Moon The Moon is known for its regularly changing appearance and mood. Likewise, you prefer to be in transition rather than stuck in one place. Life slides through continual growth and contraction; incorporating this natural ebb and flow into your lifestyle is key. The Moon lights up the otherwise-dark night, and your heartfelt words/gestures help light the paths for everyone around you.

Forest & Moon by Babis Mavrommatis

✯ Moon on the Horizon

Super Moon: June 23 2013

orange moon


golden moon

blue moon


Moon pretty moon...