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    If you're like me, baking cupcakes can be an anxiety inducing affair. I never know if my cupcakes are going to become round mounds of cakey goodness, or fall falt and sulk in their little liners. Frosting can only fix so much before you end up with

    Perfect Cupcake



    • The Montreal Baking Company

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    • Emily Shipley

      Sort of did this using my egg free cupcake/cake recipe: box of mix, add a bit of flour(cocoa powder too if doing chocolate ), 1T egg replacer in 6T water, halfish stuck of melted butter, scant 1 c water, 2-3T yogurt. used my light shiny pan of 24 ( this method only made 16) put 2 of my cookie scoopfuls in each cupcake, baked 375 for 10 minutes finished at 350 for 5-6 more. Best looking cupcakes so far.

    • Kim Horsburgh

      Hmm... it's better to bake cupcakes at a lower temperature for slightly longer? Gotta try this.

    • Vanessa Lucas

      Perfectly baked cupcake baby wants cup cakes for his birthday!!!

    • Jerzee Torres

      The Perfect Buttercream Icing Recipe & Cupcake Baking Tip

    • Norma MacDonald

      cupcake baking tip perfect cup cake cupcake fix

    • Judy Shannon

      FYI for baking cuppycakes :)

    • journey of life

      Help with cuppie cakes

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