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Cass the Newfoundland Pictures 917527-What a handsome young dog!

newfoundlands | Newfoundlands

Big fluffy Newfoundland puppy

via the daily puppy Puppy Breed: Great Pyrenees / Newfoundland My name is Jasper and I was born on August 29. My dad is Newfoundland and my mom is a Great Pyrenees. I often get teased that I look like a cow and will be the same size as one, so silly. I was born in northern Minnesota. With this thick coat of fur, I love the cold weather. Just had my first taste of snow and I loved it. It tastes great and keeps me cold. I have 2 loving parents and 3 little friends who play with me all the time.

Platinum Newfoundland / a newfoundland completed the entire Lewis & Clark Expedition (over 8,000 miles).... s/he's beautiful! I need this dog.

Finnigan the Newfoundland Mix

look at this puppy isn't it the cutest little thing Perfect Ur heart melts Pretty cute Playful You know you love it

Kate Bodenheimer im so jealous your family is getting one of these soon!!

Easy Branches - Pixel is a spunky Aussie puppy who loves to play! When she’s not trying to make new a friend at the park, she is all cuddles and puppy kisses. She is a fast learner that is constantly on a search for what mischief she can get into. This little bundle of fur is my little buddy, and is always there for a laugh and a smile!

Lately I've been looking for Clegg's brother, so I've been investigating all kinds of pups. At first I was set on another mystery mutt, until I fell in love with the shiba inu. Can't imagine how I'm going to decide on the color; this one is beautiful but so are the white and ginger shibas! Maybe I'll get all three and just call my house the zoo.