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  • LoOmzilla

    The Real Life Of Barbie And Ken - Imgur

  • Barbara Picci

    Dina Goldstein #photography #fotografia #dinagoldstein #barbie #funnyimages #immaginidivertenti

  • Susan Grimaldi

    Barbie And Ken Marriage: 'In The Dollhouse' Photographer, Dina Goldstein, Captures Dark Side (PHOTOS)

  • Yong Sun Gullach

    Dina Goldstein's Barbie and Ken’s Real Life Marriage: In the Doll House

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Good gracious, this was one serious game of pretend. Barbie and Ken behind the scenes. Too wild: In The Dollhouse

In The Dollhouse by Dina Goldstein

haha everyone always asks me how I'm not stressed this is exactly what I'm doing

Dina Goldstein

~ I hate that moment when you're tired and sleepy but as soon as you go to bed, your body is like, ' Just Kidding.'

Jennifer McBride I cannot express how hard I just laughed! Too bad it's the truth.

HAHAHAHAHA the exact feeling # nomotivation #foreveralone #lol

I have been looking for this photo since i joined Pinterest! he he still makes me laugh!

Omigosh!!! This is so what it's like!!! They are all taller than me too!! 😄