The artwork of Randy Regier channels the dime store toy aisles and the flashy comic book advertisements of the 1950s and 1960s. His toys promise rip-roaring thrills on their colorful packages...and deliver confusion, horror, and crushing disappointment once de-boxed. Let's take a look at some of Randy's unabashedly rip-off playthings like... Tardy the Man Pony. I find Tardy to be really disturbing, although much worse exists out there. Something about Tardy just seems sinister and unwholes...

Very creepy.



These rubber faced creepy stuffed animals are my absolute favs!!!!

Creepy cute doll

vintage toy

Send your child's drawing to this co. and they will recreate it....what a cute idea!

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ET's finger

1971-Sears Christmas Catalog P270 - Peanuts

vintage tin toy

old toys

Ron Swanson is a real man.

Vintage Toy

vintage toy

Ahem. No comment.

Vintage Toy Drum

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