This music therapy video with a child with autism illustrates the following: Tailoring education and therapy to a child's learning style can help them succeed Combining music and movement can be highly engaging and motivating for a child with special needs Create personalized movement songs by putting your own words to a traditional melody such as ...

This music therapy video of a child with autism gives you great ideas on how to use music to help children with special needs. #musictherapy #autism #specialneeds

This Music Therapy video shows you two great holiday songs to use with children with autism and other special needs. #musictherapy #specialneeds #autismtreatment

Music Therapy with Children with Special Needs #musictherapy #specialneeds #autism #specialed #downsyndrome

Music Therapy and Autism

Holiday Music Therapy Songs #musictherapy #specialneeds #autism #downsyndrome

Music Therapy Activities for Special Needs and Autism

Birdhouse for Autism-Birdhouse is a web and mobile based Autism management platform designed for you to organize the important information related to your child’s care. Birdhouse enables you to keep track of medications and supplements, therapies and therapists, and easily track your child’s behaviors and daily activities. Use Birdhouse to find correlations and patterns in your child’s everyday life so you can see what’s helping and what needs to be changed.

Speech Therapy Sentence Strips for school classroom. Practice extending sentences. Autism. Boardmaker icons. #speechtherapy #autism #sentencestrips

Self-Care Strategies for Children with Autism

Social Skills for Autism: Adolescents and Children with High Functioning Autism

My Aspergers Child: 70 Tips & Tricks for Educating Students with Aspergers/High-Functioning Autism.

How to Use Music to Motivate a Child with Special Needs to Communicate

Music Therapy for Autism : Music Motivates Child with Autism to Communicate #TheRhythmTree #Autism #MusicThreapy

Beautiful video example of music therapy helping a child with special needs tolerate loud sounds.#musictherapy #specialneeds #williamssyndrome

Music and Movement- Use shower curtain rings and ribbon.

It's a New Day: Music and Movement!

This autism music therapy activities infographic includes five simple ways to use music with your child. Music is a great motivator for so many children!

Learn how music is beneficial for language stimulation and how you can help boost your child's communication skills using music at home.

Autism Movement Therapy ® an instructional DVD for Educators, Parents & Professionals is now available for purchase! Autism Movement Therapy ® is the first simple, step-by-step instructional DVD to integrate music and movement for individuals with autism spectrum disorders. Walden University

Best Classical Music Tracks for Marching - a great musical movement activity for toddlers.