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    This music therapy video with a child with autism illustrates the following: Tailoring education and therapy to a child's learning style can help them succeed Combining music and movement can be highly engaging and motivating for a child with special needs Create personalized movement songs by putting your own words to a traditional melody such as ...

    Top Ten Movement songs for Children! This is a list of my favorite songs to use in group and individual sessions to facilitate movement for children with and without disabilities. Enjoy!

    Children pass the ball in this cooperative music game, and when they hear a "new" sound, the ball is passed in the opposite direction. This musical activity fosters cooperation in a fun, non-competitive way. You can request a free catalog of educational music and movement activities via email at mailto:SalemPerfo...

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    This Music Therapy video with a child with Williams Syndrome illustrates the following: Approach Hyperacusis (high sensitivity to sound) with sensitivity and patience Use humor to create positive associations with loud sounds Let the child control how loud or soft the music is Use instruments to make this activity fun and motivating For more inform...

    Music Therapy for Children with Autism. Song, "Keep Your Hands To Yourself" - - rePinned by #PediaStaff. Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins

    So, Music Therapy would be kinda cool because you're helping people from any age, 8 to 98. You could help older people by playing music from their time and helping them remember or helping a blind child learn to play an instrument for a sense of accomplishment.

    Social Skills Activities for Kids with Autism

    Music & Development: Musical ways to engage developmentally disabled children - This article explains what Music Therapy is, why it's an important part of any special needs child's arsenal of services and how parents can enhance their child's life at home by including more musical activities. Music can be especially motivating for children who are visually impaired!

    Connecting and bonding with a child with autism through music. #musictherapy #specialneeds #autism

    Video - Autism Music Therapy Video: Miss Veronica's "Calm" Dance

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    Music therapy with Kinderman, in a special needs class! LOVE IT!!!

    My Aspergers Child: 70 Tips & Tricks for Educating Students with Aspergers/High-Functioning Autism.

    This music therapy video of a child with autism gives you great ideas on how to use music to help children with special needs. #musictherapy #autism #specialneeds

    This Music Therapy video teaches you how to use a simple and easy-to-remember song to help children with special needs practice saying good-bye. #musictherapy #specialneeds #autism #specialed

    music therapy and autism handout, visuals, songs, and more! FREE.

    Social Skills for Autism: Adolescents and Children with High Functioning Autism

    Holiday Music Therapy Songs #musictherapy #specialneeds #autism #downsyndrome