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DIY steps for a Portuguese knitting "pin" -- this one actually uses a pair of magnets so you don't have to put holes in your shirt or sweater.

"Portuguese Knitting" - using the knitting pin

I'm really thinking of trying this Portuguese style of knitting.. NEW Knitting Pin Nickel by AndreaWongKnits on Etsy

Portuguese knitting DVDs, pendants and pins by Andrea Wong. Everything you need to learn this knitting style!

Pin now, read later: How much yarn do I need for a knitting project? Awesome, printable infographic you'll use every day!

Andrea Wong's knitting pin for Portuguese Technique - that's how I learned years ago, first, passing the yarn behind the neck, and latter using one of this pins

Old woman Knitting in Portugal. Notice how she has the yarn around her neck and a safety pin attatched to her shirt for tension. I one saw someone knitting like this. She was Greek. I've never tried it, but it seems like it would take some tension off your hands!