How many hours would you have to work at minimum wage to afford rent on a two-bedroom in your state?

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% of State Populations in economics distress - Business Insider

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Presidents of the United States

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"If I wanted the government in my womb, I'd fuck a senator." - LOVE! SMH @ Oklahoma.

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Leadership Is About Emotion < ability to reach people in a way that transcends the intellectual and rational is the mark of a great leader… Great leaders understand empathy, and have the ability to read people’s (sometimes unconscious, often unstated) needs and desires. This allows them to speak to these needs and, when at all possible, to fulfill them…

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How Many Minimum Wage Hours Does It Take To Afford A Two-Bedroom Apartment In Your State?

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"'Right to work' favors the employers not the workers" ~Eleanor Roosevelt, 'American Federationist', February, 1959.

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Hey Republicans!

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A Fugly Truth Made Pretty: A Cartoonist's Depiction Of Wealth Inequality. How is it that so many people who work hard to keep this country running smoothing barely get anything in return? There's something to be said about how our money is distributed. And some of these solutions could potentially be the answer to poverty, welfare, under funded schooling and more

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What Your State Is Good At

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The Minimum Wage and the Cost of Housing (click thru for analysis)

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Where are you REALLY from?

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Science Sucks States.

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Psychology Facts

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True story, often parroted by a certain subset of the population terrified at the prospect of surrendering hegemony (and you *know* who you are).

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Low wages is costing the American taxpayer while corporate profits are hidden offshore. $15 minimum wage keeps the money in the local economy and not offshore.

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"Neither the life of an individual nor the history of a society can be understood without understanding both." ~ C.W. Mills [click on this image to find an excellent short video, which can be used to teach Mills' notion of the Sociological imagination]

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The most religious states have the highest teen pregnancy rates. Still think abstinence works?

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Since When Is Being Homeless A Crime? Well, and in some states and localities, it is. The government needs to create public service jobs and fund the demand for private sector jobs, and then raise the minimum wage to be a "Living" wage, then homelessness will go away, dignity will be restored, and poverty will be eliminated !! #homeless #homelessness #facts #beatthestreets

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Professional Social Workers who know boundaries, I'm learning them. Gonna take some self control and balance that's for sure

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