How many hours would you have to work at minimum wage to afford rent on a two-bedroom in your state?

Self Care infographic from the University at Buffalo School of Social Work!!!

Masaru Emoto's Rice Experiment

How Many Minimum Wage Hours Does It Take To Afford A Two-Bedroom Apartment In Your State?

Hey Republicans!

social work brain - OMG. So this is what has happened to my brain in the past year.

Since When Is Being Homeless A Crime? Well, and in some states and localities, it is. The government needs to create public service jobs and fund the demand for private sector jobs, and then raise the minimum wage to be a "Living" wage, then homelessness will go away, dignity will be restored, and poverty will be eliminated !! #homeless #homelessness #facts #beatthestreets

The United States of... selfish greed, and the resulting inequality and poverty.

How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work...seems to be something that i get into often.

Social Work. I love my profession. North Carolina State University MSW!

True story, often parroted by a certain subset of the population terrified at the prospect of surrendering hegemony (and you *know* who you are).

"Neither the life of an individual nor the history of a society can be understood without understanding both." ~ C.W. Mills [click on this image to find an excellent short video, which can be used to teach Mills' notion of the Sociological imagination]

Atheist discrimination

Simon Sinek: Why Leaders Eat Last

The most religious states have the highest teen pregnancy rates. Still think abstinence works?

Stumbled across this randomly and it's a perfect summary of my state of mind most days!

Heres How Much You Have To Earn To Be In The 1 Percent In Each State