love this idea! No more sneaking money under your little one's pillow when the tooth fairy comes... It can go in this little pocket at the end of their bed!

Start a #family #ToothFairy #tradition with these #FREE #printables! Your #kids will love getting their Tooth Fairy "receipts"! #parenting

Sparkling Tooth Fairy money with glitter hairspray.

Tooth Fairy visits! Cute idea for first tooth

TOOTH FAIRY... Definitely must remember this!

A small spray bottle with 2 TBSP of fabric softener, the rest water = "Doll Hairspray." Easy method for smoothing and renewing any doll's hair including Barbie!

Chore Magnets - love this idea - each child can do which chore they want and make the money allotted

I need this! It's so hard to find those tiny teeth under the pillow after my kids have flung themselves around the bed in their sleep!

ARE YOU SERIOUS??? And people wonder why their kids are pregnant at 16??!!!??

Fun tooth fairy traditions - sparkly coins, little letters, fairy doors, tea lights in the window, and so many other cool ideas!

30 Unexpected Baby Shower Gifts That Are Sheer Genius

turn baby's first shoe into a sentimental Christmas ornament! write the year on the bottom! Oh my lord how precious??

Kid's Driver's License and Test - Your child takes a simple "driver's safety test" and then receives their own printable Driver's License. Great way to teach responsibility. [the House of Hendrix}

PLAYdough great EASY fun. Just made this with my 3 years old and he loves it! Easy and super quick to make!

These are such good ideas!

A year of parent and child dates

kid's potty seat inside lid - home depot.

reuse a laundry detergent bottle for bubble solution

Coral and Tusk - mouse tooth fairy pillow