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I have such respect for elephants...The Creator really took his time when HE considered them. And How much more love and attention did HE give me? So much more. Elephants are strong large land animals with large brains and THEY ARE VEGANS!!!!!!

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To me this image is a representation of life itself. So full of color, while mixing the features of three beautiful creatures. As I look upon this image, I feel the urge to create theme song to a fantasy world where all of your dreams come true, and whatever you say comes to reality. Pictures like this, are the reason why I love cartoons, I feel like its my job, my purpose to make soundtracks to this stilled images.

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Banana Smores.. Foil. Slice a banana. Add mini mellows, crunched up grham cracker, and chocolate. Seal. Roast/bake. Enjoy :)

Definitely one of the loveliest creatures on earth. <3 ~ETS #elephants #babyanimals #savetheelephants