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The Walking Dead. See? We are already becoming zombies.

OMG poor Dale but this cracks me up!!!... this was totally not what I was expecting. Love it!

Walking dead...hilarious. This chick is really annoying me in the last season....unsupervising her child in a world of zombies and takes off pregnant without telling anyone and crashes. Good grief where's a zombie when you need one?

The Real Reason Lori Had to Die --- OMG, This is hilarious!!! I never realized Rick was in Love Actually! HA! :)

He's Korean! // The Walking Dead // Daryl & Merle

The Walking Dead. | This Artist Designs Brilliant Alternative Posters For Films And TV Series

I actually read where the walkers started like 30 days, before Rick was shot, but this is still funny.

I can not stop laughing. Don't Swipe 16 -

@Ashton Mayer, @Hannah Gettes, @Jenna Arends , @Megan Flynn good ol Lori :) however lets not push her off a cliff :)

The Walking Dead Season 4 - in love with how this represents how things have changed!