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The walking dead


The Walking Dead

The Younger Years.

The Walking Dead -- Before and After

The walking dead Daryl: cannot die. Rick, Judith, and Carl: cannot die. Glen, Maggie, and Hershel: cannot die. Carol: cannot die. Michonne: cannot die. I don't really care about anyone else.

Coral! Coral! 17 Of The Best Walking Dead Memes

The walking dead


Beth Greene has a Boyfriend!

Claimed ~ The Walking Dead I claimed him!


The walking dead

The Walking Dead Retro Poster / E.W. / S5E4

I love re-watching the walking dead seasons but I'm like "Ur dead, so r u, I don't even remember u so u must b dead".

Five seasons of Daryl

Carol & Sophia and Daryl. Le sigh. Walking Dead

{The Walking Dead}

Only five originals left from season one; Carl, Rick, Glenn, Daryl & Carol