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Dwarf Sunflowers (Helianthus annuus)/ATTRACTS: Butterflies, a Fall Bloomer. Plant with Asters which attract Monarch Butterflies and is important during Monarch migration.

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SUNNY SMILE Sunflower Seeds Giant 5 inch blooms top dwarf plants which can be grown in 4-6 inch pots. In small pots Sunny Smile puts all its energy into producing a single jumbo bloom. Planted in large containers or in the ground Sunny Smile has room to branch and produces 4 or 5 gorgeous golden yellow beauties. 12-15 inches tall, day length neutral, pollen-free, blooms in 55 days

40 mini sunflower seeds Dwarf sunflower seeds by FlowerStoriesWay

Sunflower 'Sunspot' (dwarf Sunflower), (photo by Mikhail Urusus)

Dwarf Sunflowers growing next to house (Helianthus annuus)

Sunflower, Ms. Mars, from Burpee! another one for the summer garden of 2014.

Baby bear dwarf sunflower (Helianthus annus)

big smile sunflower is an extra dwarf sunflower that can be grown in pots. Its only 50 days until blooming from first sowing from seed. I really want to try these. They seem so bright and sunny.

A row of Teddy Bear Sunflowers has been added behind the black eyed susans. And now I've got Elvis in my head, singing, "your teddy bear." Update 5.9.16, no sign of sprouting yet. HMMM. 5.28.16 VERY slow to germinate and sporadic at best. they better be good.

Teddy bear Sunflowers! Have you ever seen such a thing--looks like it belongs in a Dr. Seus book.

"Fluffy Sunflower" by orchidgalore - Teddy Bear dwarf sunflower; blooms are 3-5 inches

We've seen dogs, chickens and even penguins in sweaters, but these 3 newborn goats reach the ultimate level of cuteness. Born just a few days ago, the Nigerian Dwarf goat triplet received tiny custom-knit sweaters to keep them warm at the Sunflower Farm in Maine.

Dwarf Sunflowers.....I am in love. I planted these in three different types of pots. Small singular pot, larger plastic pot, and one of my burlap bag pot. Did great in all of them. Cutest in the Burlap bag though. I grew them from seed, something I played with a little more this year, and it worked out great. Definitely something for next year!

beautiful dwarf weeping cherry tree

Time Lapse growth of a Sunflower - homeschool video

3 Newborn Goats Get Tiny Hand-Knit Sweaters To Stay Warm

Dwarf Sunflower

One of the easiest flower seeds to grow, Sunflower seeds, makes a huge statement in the summer landscape. Dwarf Helianthus are great for containers and flower b