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Los Trece de la Fama... y los otros olvidados

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[The Barcelos Cockerel] A 13th-century legend says a pilgrim on his way to Santiago de Compostela stopped in Barcelos and was wrongly accused of theft and sentenced to death by hanging. He was spared when he stated that to prove his innocence, the roasted rooster that the judge was about to eat would get up and crow. It did, and since then, brightly painted ceramic cockerels are sold throughout Portugal.

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Brett Cogburn is the descendant of John Franklin “Rooster” Cogburn, who may (or may not) have inspired the fictional character. Brett Cogburn presents a talk on his book "Rooster: The Life and Times of the Real Rooster Cogburn" on Sunday, October 6, 2013 at the Central Library

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dedal de recuerdos, Alemania, china, historia animal, Die Breiner Stadtmusikants

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"Gallus monstrosus" from Aldrovandi's 'History of Monsters' (1642), for more info see

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My Modern Metfrom My Modern Met

Beautiful Portraits of Modern Women Giving New Meaning to Traditional Ukrainian Crowns

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Beautiful Portraits of Modern Women Giving New Meaning to Traditional Ukrainian Crowns - My Modern Met

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BritishArchitectureBook - Harlech Castle

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A diamond and enamel brooch, Spitzer & Fuhrman

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Examples of Propaganda from WW1 | Enlisted for duration of the war. Help the national egg collection for the wounded.

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Hen era una leal gallina inglesa que decidió dar su vida para alimentar a la Reina.

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Shorpy Historical Photo Archive :: Cockfight: 1937

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Coca cola 3 bottles and ice lighted decorative wall clock

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Have an happy friday - Papier mâché

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Los 61 momentos más incómodos en la historia de los perros

Pitbull Momma

Sweet Pitbull

Dogs Pitbull Pit Bull

Pitbull Face

Sweet Pitty

Vicious Pitbull

Pit Bulls Dogs

Pitbull Pride

Pitbulls 4 Life

El intento de este perro por quitarse el gallo de su espalda. | Los 61 momentos más incómodos en la historia de los perros