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The 24 Hour Light Cycle Aquarium - This is the aquarium that replicates the brightness and progression of sunlight, providing fish with a more natural, healthier habitat. Unlike the abrupt, glaring lights found on most aquariums, this model's LED gradually brightens and dims in sync with a 24-hour timer, mimicking the effects of the rising and setting sun

The Theft Recovery Microchips - Hammacher Schlemmer - When implanted into your personal, cherished items, these are the microchips that use radio frequency identification to verify ownership if items are lost or stolen.

Speakers by designer Jackson McConnell that show the waveforms of the sounds produced. (concept)

Beyond Google Glass: 13 Real-Life Wearable Tech Inventions @Hollie Baker Kaitoula Tou Rodolfou Maslarova

Co.Designfrom Co.Design

A Wearable Camera That Photographs Your Entire Life

Coming soon: A Wearable Camera That Photographs Your Entire Life

Tech Gadgets SMF The Giant Coffee Table Touchscreen Computer - Hammacher Schlemmer here you go @Zachary Richard Lucas Rhodes

A-Solar iPhone (4-4S) Battery that's super eco-friendly and can charge your phone just by being exposed to the sun. For next summer vacation

Must-have in the coming Waterworld: Gadget that turns you into a FISH: Triton extracts oxygen from water

i need these! if i cant sleep i'll listen to music and i'll always be just reaching around for my earbuds and i'll knock over a bunch of stuff! once i even fell out of bed >

The Wireless Page To TV Magnifier - Hammacher Schlemmer