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    best feeling ever! I have to admit. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, crap from your school who doesnt believe in you but it comes down to your cheer team, as we at prairie call each other family. We get on that mat and blank out and do our best not for ourselves but for each other and our coaches! If you arent in cheer I highly reccomend that you give it a try(: ICPB!!

    There is nothing like at the end of practice you go home so happy for getting a stunt down that you have been working on for weeks...

    "2 sprained ankles, a concussion, 3 strained muscles, hips that pop out of place, shin splints, wrists that crack, bruises so deep the bone is bruised, lung problems due to hurt muscles and im still cheering and loving every minute of it."

    Competitive CHEER cheerleader, cheerleading #KyFun m.1.24 moved from @Kythoni Cheerleading board

    "That amazing feeling you get when you save your flyer from falling and you know that you saved them from a potential injury"

    So true! My favorite is when you can see them in videos jumping up and down like crazy cheering us on. ♥

    Aww :) No matter what happens, you will always be family. cheerleading, CHEER inspiration, cheerleaders #KyFun

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